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Anderson, Norman 'I am the Good Shepherd' 01:00:59
Atkins, J. The Lord's prayer (John 17) 00:38:42
Atkins, J. The love of God (1 John 4) 00:24:59
Attwood, Simon The Sonship of our Lord 00:42:00
Beattie, W. Another Comforter 00:47:47
Bell, G. Christ is all in all 00:42:43
Bell, G. The glory of the Lord 00:47:43
Blackburn, J.S. Christ in Isaiah 06:25:36
Blackburn, J.S. Genesis 22 00:40:14
Bremicker, Ernst August Marriage Supper of the Lamb 00:28:17
Bremicker, Ernst August The Lamb of God 03:47:23
Brett, J. The Cross of Christ 00:03:24
Brett, J. The meal offering as fulfilled by the Lord (Phil. 2) 01:00:26
Brett, J. The Perfect Manhood of Christ 00:58:55
Brett, J. The Person of the Son (John 1) 01:03:37
Brett, J. The sufferings of Christ 00:52:13
Brown, Ernest 3x7 Things in Luke s Gospel 02:16:10
Brown, Ernest Reasons why Jesus is in Heaven from Hebrews 00:48:06
Brown, Ernest The Spirit 00:48:05
Brown, Ernest The Trinity of God 02:20:42
Costen, Robert J. The Glories of our Lord Jesus 00:38:30
Creeth, A. The Name of Jesus in the Hebrew Epistle 00:23:50
Cross, Edwin The Lord in Capernaum and Nain 00:23:45
Curry, C. I go to the Father (John 14) 00:54:11
Dronsfield, Paul Thoughts on Joseph 00:47:22
Graf, Hans Ruedi Christ - always in control 00:19:36
Grant, L.M. Christ in Resurrection 00:50:01
Hughes, F.A. The Essentiality of Christ 00:43:38
Hughes, F.A. The love of God (1 John 4) 00:51:57
Hughes, Gavin Old Testament types of the Lord Jesus Christ 00:47:03
Jamieson, Milton The Things of Christ 00:51:10
Johnson, M. A Meditation on the Sufferings of the Lord 00:40:22
Johnson, M. The All Sufficiency of Christ 03:24:26
Nunn, H. The Holy Spirit 00:43:06
Packer, J. The Lamb of God 00:55:25
Paterson, Daniel W. Christ Crucified 00:44:35
Paterson, Daniel W. Two Victories in Christ 01:27:35
Perron, Jacques Jesús, la vid verdadera 00:56:46
Pettman, F. The Lord's coming 00:45:56
Poots, Andrew Saviour God. God, the living God 00:42:18
Poots, Andrew The Person of Christ 00:43:56
Remmers, Arend Christ the High Priest 01:04:32
Remmers, Arend The Son of God 00:54:35
Scales, J. Behold the Man 00:32:44
Scales, J. The Sanctifier and the Sanctified 00:34:38
Skelton, Rob The pre-eminence of Christ 00:50:53
Smart, Alan 3 companies connected to the Living God 00:24:30
Smart, Alan 4 types of the Holy Spirit 00:30:00
Smart, Alan Eternal Persons 00:26:43
Smart, Alan Remarks on the doctrine of the Christ 00:24:35
Taylor, Michael The Morning Star and the Sun of Righteousness 00:15:41
Thomson, K. Christ in all the Scriptures - the Emmaeus exposition 00:41:31
Thurston, S. Christ our object 00:51:13
Vogelsang, Michael The introduction of the Divine Servant in Mark's Gospel 00:44:51
Wallace, Frank All Things 02:16:53
Wallace, Frank The Greatness and Glory and Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ 00:11:32
Wallace, Frank The Lord's birth 01:25:19
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