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Anderson, Norman The transfiguration (Luke 9) 00:31:27
Atkins, J. The Judgment Seat of Christ 00:46:10
Atkins, J. The Treasure and the Pearl (Matt. 13) 00:32:55
Attwood, Simon 1 Thessalonians 4 00:50:05
Attwood, Simon Romains 9 to 11 00:53:21
Bell, G. Prophecy 05:38:26
Billeter, Max Das Leben Abrahams / The Life of Abraham 00:55:46
Blackburn, J.S. The coming of the Lord for His saints 00:48:10
Brett, J. What God is about to do 00:40:47
Brown, Ernest The Distinction Between Rapture and Appearing 00:51:27
Brown, Ernest The Hope of the Church 00:35:16
Brown, Ernest The Rapture and the Appearing 00:51:11
Costen, George H. The Kingdom and the coming of the Lord 00:15:22
Cross, Edwin The seven seals of the Apocalypse 00:42:03
Hardt, Michael The Feast of the Lord 00:49:48
Muller, Jean The revelation - an overview 01:01:14
Pettman, F. The Lord's coming 00:45:56
Remmers, Arend The Appearing of the Lord Jesus 01:02:05
Remmers, Arend The importance of the prophetic word 01:18:51
Schäfer, Ortwin El estado eterno 00:40:32
Skelton, Rob The Two Resurrections 00:46:10
Smart, Alan Will the church go through the tribulation? 00:23:03
Taylor, Michael The Morning Star and the Sun of Righteousness 00:15:41
Thomson, K. Dispensational truth (1 Thessalonians 4) 00:47:28
Wallace, Frank The coming of the Lord 02:55:56
Warnes, Graham The key to Revelation 00:48:15
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